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Walking Tours

Pedagogical Farm

Places of Interest

○ Church of São Tomé de Negrelos, 500m

○ Castro de Santa Margarida (archaeological site), 2km

○ Monastery of São Bento, Santo Tirso, 8km

○ Church of Roriz, 5km

○ Spa of Caldas da Saúde, 9km

○ Spa of Caldas de Vizela, 10km

○ Monastery of Singeverga, 8km

guimarães, 15km

○ Porto, 35 km

○ Beaches, 30km

Festivities and Pilgrimages

○ Carnival parade

○ Feast days of the Lord or Blessed Sacrament - last Sunday of May

or June 1st

○ Feast of the Holy Spirit - June

○ Feast of the Village-July
○ Festival of the Harvest - September